Thursday, June 18, 2015

Homequant Announces Launch of 30-Sec HomeValu


Orlando, FL, June 18, 2015 --( Homequant is pleased to announce the launch of 30-Second HomeValu – an automated home valuation system that, unlike Homequant, requires neither any upfront knowledge of the market nor the picking of a set of comps to contribute to the subject value.

While users will be accessing the new 30-Second system off of the Homequant homepage, its presence has been made adequately conspicuous by a separate blinking gold button bearing the name.

In order to value a subject in this system, all one needs to know is the Zip Code where the subject is located and its approximate building size. Of course, if the subject comprises of any of the four additional (“More” button) characteristics and/or upgrades – significant waterfront, in-ground pool, central air conditioning and recent renovation – the user will receive a more accurate value upon enablement (though the base value will be retained on the screen for comparison).

30-Second HomeValu is not only an excellent market knowledge tool for current and future homeowners, but is also great for loan officers, appraisers, assessors, analysts and brokers needing a “first look” valuation. It’s great for appraisal reviewers and hearing officers as a quick “visual review” tool. It’s ideal for homeowners to get a second opinion to challenge over-assessments. Unlike BPO, it’s backed by a sophisticated research base.

Help is always right there next to the input fields. Hovering the cursor over the ‘?’ next to the input fields will provide the necessary guidance. Of course, everything is still in plain English, presented in an easy-to-understand format, without the usual appraisal jargon. And it’s all free and requires no registration or login whatsoever.
People on-the-go will find HomeValu Mobile Apps – coming soon – extremely useful. Download links will be available on the Homequant site.

The President of Homequant recently explained this addition to their product suite: “With the launch of 30-Second HomeValu we are adding an excellent takeout option to the free home valuation space. I have no doubt that it will provide a meaningful first look into the subject valuation. Of course, for those who need a full comps-based workup or more insight into neighborhoods, Homequant and Town Analyst portals are always there.”

If you’d like more information about their websites, or to schedule an interview, please email Homequant at:


Dear Readers:

The 30-Second HomeValu application is part of the Homequant portal, so please access the Homequant portal using the link below:

Then, click on the Gold button at the top of the homepage and follow the prompt. Again, all you need is the Zip Code of the subject and its approximate building size.

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