Thursday, June 4, 2015

Most Viewed Blog Posts - Q1-2015

Homebuyers MUST Demand to See the Comps, Spatially. Homequant Illustrates!

Homebuyers MUST Differentiate between Local Sales and Comps. Homequant Explains!

Homebuyers MUST Choose Least Adjustment over Distance or Sales Recency. Homequant Enlightens!

Three Sales from Three Prior Quarters – Unadjusted for Time - are NOT Comps. Homequant Describes!

Homebuyers MUST Use Five Best Comps to Value a Subject. Homequant Demonstrates!

Homebuyers MUST Verify Appraiser’s Values in Four Easy Steps. Homequant Reveals!

Concept of "User-defined Subject" Helps Valuation Community. Homequant Establishes!

Homebuyers MUST Validate Home Values at Self-directed Sites. Homequant Pioneers!

Automated Valuation Modeling (AVM) Helps Improve Portfolio / Assessment Performance. Homequant Proves!

Try Meaningful Sales Metrics to Validate Low Value Drive-by and AVM-based Appraisals. Homequant Explains!

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