Sunday, September 27, 2015

The concept of "User-defined Subjects" helps Valuation Community at large

Often, potential entrepreneurs fail to make inroads into the Valuation business due to the high cost of the unsold population data, which comprises roughly 95% of the entire population. But that's changing - and forever!

1. Because of Homequant's discovery of the "User-defined Subject" those entrepreneurs can now jump into the business, knowing full well that the sold data alone, generally available free of cost or for a token price from the taxing jurisdictions directly, would alone do the trick, without having to invest a fortune in acquiring, maintaining and warehousing the unsold data which, in terms of quality, is questionable at best, to begin with.
2. Additionally, unlike an institutional client, an average home buyer – in Free Home Valuation industry where Homequant is positioned – is generally interested in valuing a handful of subject properties so researching and capturing such data tends to further motivate our users. Thus, the user-defined subject data - by design - are cleaner and more reliable.

Valuation entrepreneurs can consider the following sales-based opportunities:
a) Sales validation - validated sales can be sold (back) to the taxing jurisdictions, data vendors, appraisal companies, AVM houses, appeals consultants, mortgage companies, etc.
b) Sales statistics - generic and custom sales statistics can be marketed to many private houses - from appraisal houses to brokerage networks to banks to news agencies to statutory review boards to courts, etc. 

The President of Homequant recently explained their invention: “There are roughly 90 million single family homes in the US and, on average, 5% of that universe annually sells. By inventing the concept of the defined or simulated subject, we are able to value those 95% unsold properties by storing only the 5% sold data. The home valuation industry will soon recognize the significance of our invention.”

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Why is the most accurate free home valuation system today!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Homequant Pitch Deck

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Homequant Blog is Now One of the Most Popular Valuation Blogs. Thank You All.

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Updated 10-18-2015...We crossed the 60K mark (graphic above) yesterday, at least a month earlier than anticipated, thanks to our readers!

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Homequant Blog is currently receiving 40K hits per month...expected to cross 50K by the end of October, 2015. Thank you all.