Wednesday, December 7, 2016

About Homequant & SkylineValue Products and Services

We are a different type of Valuation Company. All of our generic market solutions are currently free, covering 60 Residential to 75 Office (US/Canada) Markets. Our web solutions are either mobile-friendly requiring no additional apps or are seamlessly integrated with mobile apps. Our wide-ranging AVM solutions offer an excellent value proposition.
Homequant, our flagship comparable sales solution, has all the advanced features professionals need to work-up individual subjects, including an on-screen adjustment matrix with time and distance, flexible valuation dates, variable scoring and ranking, a spatial interface and, a professional comps grid with full value analysis.
Try our 30-Second HomeValu to value a home in 30 seconds, TownAnalyst to analyze sales and assessment, identifying any inequity on the roll and, LocValu to market-adjust generic cost tables, baseline AVMs and more.
Use our proprietary 60-Second solutions (perfect as first look valuation, ideal for internal QC or to revalue your entire portfolio promptly): (a) for Office valuation, (b) for home valuation and (c) for condo valuation. These solutions cover over 75 major markets and are mobile-friendly, thus requiring no additional iOS or Android apps. 
We offer a host of cost-effective AVM solutions – from Market to Income to Benchmark to Grievance to Foreclosure - with 100% satisfaction guarantees. Visit our websites for current promotions and guarantees.

Our other business and technology services include research services, sales ratio studies, pay-per-call AVM support, pivot tables, static pools, mobile apps, outsourcing and ad inventory rentals.

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