Sunday, December 11, 2016

A Fully Illustrated Guide to Automated Valuation Modeling (AVM) -- 100% Excel-based

What the Experts are Saying:

“First off, may I say congratulations and what a tremendous effort.

Our small appraisal business (by your standards) works almost solely in the Excel domain and we have patched together bits of code over the years which constitutes our AVM toolkit.

Your publication is therefore most welcome. More than that, it dumbs down so much of the process for the likes of us valuers. Practitioners with a basic understanding of AVM’s and a good grasp of Excel, will realize how effective your methods are at modelling, model testing and as a value and sales review tool." Mass Appraisal Director ...

“An Illustrated Guide to AVM in Excel is great book for those with a fundamental knowledge of Valuation Model Building.  It provides an excellent overview of the process and serves as a thorough check list of things to consider whether you are using Microsoft Excel or a Statistical Software package.”  Chief Assessor …

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