Saturday, December 3, 2016 Offers Multiple Customization Plans for Private and Public Clients

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Note: While we currently cover 75 major office markets in the US and Canada, our custom plan will have no such market restrictions; your market could be anywhere in the world as you will collect and manage your own data. 

To get an idea of our free consumer site (which will be customized) just click on the market of your choice on our homepage and follow the prompt. If you need help, use 'TRY IT' from the homepage. Here is the link to

What the Experts are Saying:
“I checked out and I have to say that its awesome.  This is a classic case of good things come in small packages.  I was excited to see that the Long Island market is included.  I could see this being a very handy tool for investors, appraisers, portfolio managers or just average Joe’s who like to dabble in Commercial real estate.   For my own purposes, I selected different parts of Long Island and different sub groups of properties and I was astonished at how much flexibility and how quickly I was able to retrieve accurate values without the need for full blown work ups.  The fact that I can get a valuation right on my device in about 60 seconds is a breath of fresh air.  I will be using SkylineValue regularly!”  

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  1. Homequant has nailed it with its' skyline value site. The predicted value ranges are right on target with the current market prices and the site is extremely user friendly.