Sunday, May 6, 2018

Nassau County (NY) Housing Market Continues to Move Sideways

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Nassau County (NYS) housing market continues to move sideways, remaining a notch below the summer peak. Save November 2017 (an outlier), monthly median sale prices remained range-bound between $480 and $490K since September 2017. The bottom graph (sale price per living sf or SPSF) confirms a similar movement (between $310 and $320) during that period.

While SPSF is a better analytic metric, one has to ensure that the living area remains range-bound as well. Living Sf could become quite volatile in a tight-supply market, such as this. In this analysis the monthly median livng sf's remained well within the +/- 50 sf of the overall median. 

Of course, this type of consolidation is not uncommon in northeast during the winter/early spring months. 

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