Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Most Homebuyers Do Not Understand the Impact of Location on Home Values

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Housing market is primarily about "location, location, location." Most homebuyers do not understand the impact of location on home values; instead, they tend to get carried away by size, age and condition, ignoring the biggest contributor to the value, i.e., location.

In the first graphic above, all others factors remaining constant, a $4.425M home in inland Santa Monica (Zip 90403) becomes $850K in LA South (Zip 90047).

Similarly, in the second graphic, if a house is moved from Zip 32789 to 32810 - across the I-4 freeway - its value goes down from $200K to $82K due to change in location.

I picked the above graphic from as I own and operate it, to avoid having to deal with any copyright issues. My LocValu site is totally self-directed (no modeled values), totally free (no strings), and requires no login or registration whatsoever.

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