Wednesday, June 6, 2018

SkylineValue Shows how CBD Area Office Valuations Differ from CBD Periphery, Suburb & Airport Locations

CBD Location

CBD Periphery

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If you move around a very similar Class-A property (in terms of size, age, rehab, etc.) from  the Central Business District (CBD) to the CBD Periphery to the Suburb, it will fetch very different rental rates due to a number of of qualitative factors including but not limited to the quality of tenancy, type of ground floor retail and availability of parking. 

Considering the glitzy Miami CBD (in this example), the property would attract all triple-A tenants and very upscale retail paving the way for very high rental rates and translating to high market value, while the CBD Periphery would attract a combination of triple-A and highly creditworthy (but not triple-A per se) tenants along with specialty retail (but not necessarily the upscale retail that Miami CBD would easily attract). 

The Suburb location, on the other hand, would also attract a combination of a limited number of triple-A and mostly high credit tenants coupled with none to limited general storefronts (coffee shops, magazine/variety shops, men's wear, eye wear, etc.).

I used to produce this sample valuation as I own and operate the site, to avoid having to deal with any copyright issues. The site is mobile-friendly so no additional Apps are needed. It's also totally FREE and NO login/registration of any sort is required. 

In order to value an office property on this site, all one needs to know is the general location, rentable square feet and a few general property characteristics, all of which are easily obtainable online. Once these data elements are available, users can have the system process the valuation in 60 seconds or less. 

This system is designed for the Pros and Non-Pros, offering a "Quick Look" valuation and is intended to complement the traditional valuation, not replace it. 80 Major Office Markets in the US and Canada are currently covered. 

Just click on the market of your choice on our homepage and follow the prompt. If you need help, use 'TRY IT' from the homepage. Here is the link to

What the Experts are Saying:
“I checked out and I have to say that its awesome.  This is a classic case of good things come in small packages.  I was excited to see that the [XXXXXX] market is included.  I could see this being a very handy tool for investors, appraisers, portfolio managers or just average Joe’s who like to dabble in Commercial real estate.   For my own purposes, I selected different parts of Long Island and different sub groups of properties and I was astonished at how much flexibility and how quickly I was able to retrieve accurate values without the need for full blown work ups.  The fact that I can get a valuation right on my device in about 60 seconds is a breath of fresh air.  I will be using SkylineValue regularly!”     

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