Monday, November 19, 2018

A 3D Contour Diagram is an Excellent Way to Present Location Values

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A 3D Contour Diagram is an excellent way to present location values. One picture tells the story, without having to toggle around the map. It can be rotated to see the peaks and valleys from different angles and perspective. Moreover, it can be enhanced to build full visual location econometrics with live modeling on the screen.

The top diagram represents the Los Angeles County – some of the highest location values along the Pacific Coast, with Malibu-Santa Monica-Manhattan Beach corridor leading the way, followed by Beverly Hills-Westwood-Century City triangle and Pasadena-San Marino-Arcadia stretch on the east (inland).  

The bottom diagram represents the Miami-Dade County. Again, some of the highest location values are along the Miami Beach-Key Biscayne (Atlantic) shores, followed by Coconut Grove-Coral Gables-South Miami on the west (inland). The value curve declines fast further west past University Park.

I picked the above contours from as I own and operate it, to avoid having to deal with any unintended copyright issues. My LocValu site is totally self-directed (no modeled values), totally free (no strings), and requires no registration/log-ins whatsoever. Please use the site/system that works best for you.

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