Monday, July 22, 2019

Case-Shiller Housing Trends – Portland vs. Seattle

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According to the above Case-Shiller indices, both Pacific West housing markets grew during this period.

While both markets started more or less at the same index point, Seattle showed a meteoric rise between 01/2017 and 06/2018, outperforming Portland 19% to 9%. The up/down bars make that widening spread (between them) even more visually pronounced.

Of course, since 06/2018 Seattle has been moving sideways to a bit downward, while Portland remains on its turtle growth trajectory. Seattle's breather has been subdued to a point that it remained totally unresponsive to the falling interest rates during Q4-2018/Q1-2019. Portland, on the other hand, did show some enthusiasm towards the interest rate scenario.
These are seasonally-adjusted indices so the month-over-month comparison is fine. While using the seasonally unadjusted data, compare Mar-2019 with Mar-2018, etc. 

Disclaimer - The author is not advocating the Case Shiller indices listed here. Consult your Financial Planner for an appropriate asset allocation model and/or trading strategies for different markets, including housing.

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Sid Som, MBA, MIM

President, Homequant, Inc.

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